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I Am Enough with Marisa Peer


‘What lies beneath’ is almost always an inner belief of ‘I’m not enough’. To combat this, Marisa Peer returns to discuss this topic and subject of her new book, I am Enough. Marisa describes behaviours and beliefs that can arise from feeling not enough. She discusses how society and our childhoods make us feel inadequate and how modern life challenges us on many levels. We talk about the importance of raising children with strong self belief, living with purpose and doing what you love. Marisa highlights that ‘I am enough’ also comes with two other fundamental beliefs, but the good news is you can change those beliefs. We talk about how to deal with criticism and rejection and why personal connections are essential to us all. We also discuss how to deal with emotions and how to change looping thoughts.”It’s never too late to believe in yourself and show the rest of the world you’re worth believing in”

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