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Floatation Therapy with Ed Hawley

Are you looking for a novel way to ease the stresses and strains of daily life on your mind and body? Floatation therapy maybe just what you are looking for. Floatation therapy is fabulous way to achieve states of complete

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Medicinal Mushrooms with Martin Powell

The term ‘Medicinal Mushrooms’ likely conjures images of psychedelic experiences. However, almost all mushrooms can have profound effects on our physical bodies and states of wellbeing. Biochemist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Martin Powell, is a leading authority on the

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Zena el Farra

A Mindful Art Experience with Zena el Farra

Mindfulness meditation is now an established method for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. But are there other ways if being mindful that are both fun and benefit our mental and physical health? Masterpeace combines painting with mindfulness to create a

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Music for Transformation with Barry Goldstein

Can we utilise music for more than art and entertainment? The answer is a resounding yes! Barry Goldstein is a speaker, writer, music producer and composer with a passion for utilising music to bring about transformation. His unique understanding of

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