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Music for Transformation with Barry Goldstein


Can we utilise music for more than art and entertainment? The answer is a resounding yes!

Barry Goldstein is a speaker, writer, music producer and composer with a passion for utilising music to bring about transformation. His unique understanding of how music can influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies has also resulted in collaborations with Dr Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden and Neale Donald Walsch to name just a few. In this episode, he shares his own journey to discovering how music can reconnect us to our hearts and discover our own heart code.

He shares his knowledge on how to use music as a tool to move us into heart and brain coherence. This allows us to access the stillness of our minds and receive inspiration, insight and healing. He also shares his own breathing technique, called the Heart Song Breathing Process. Barry discusses studies using his own and other music as a healing modality for various conditions.

Barry truly believes that setting a daily programme of music can help us move forward in life, connect with a field of possibilities, and experience transformation.

For more info: Check out Barry’s book, The Secret Language of the Heart

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