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A Mindful Art Experience with Zena el Farra

Zena el Farra

Mindfulness meditation is now an established method for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. But are there other ways if being mindful that are both fun and benefit our mental and physical health?

Masterpeace combines painting with mindfulness to create a novel, mindful art experience. Co-founder, Zena el Farra, joins me this week to talk about the Masterpeace concept. She shares how the idea for Masterpeace was born, and how creating art to support mental health is put into practice in a truly unique way.

Zena and her artist instructors support guests of all ages and abilities to explore their creative side. Using meditation, bespoke exercises and a full painting experience, guests learn to relax, manage their expectations, and get those creative juices flowing.

In a world full of hustle and bustle and results-driven tasks, taking the time out to just get creative is good for mind, body and soul. And that creativity can spill out into all areas of life, especially when shared in community.

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