An alternative guide to living healthy longer

Welcome to London Heal

“Chronic disease is the inevitable consequence of ageing’

“Mental and physical health are determined by a genetic fate that we can do nothing about’

“What happens in your head stays in your head and has no effect on your body’


London Heal explores alternative perspectives to these statements through interviews with leading scientists, doctors, therapists, naturopathic practitioners and inspirational individuals. We look at how cutting edge science is beginning to demonstrate what many alternative therapies have always known – that the body has an innate ability to heal, that good health is our natural state, and that the mind body connection and lifestyle plays a major role in our health and wellbeing.

Your host, Tatiana Kassessinoff

As a scientist and hypnotherapist, I am on a journey to learn more about the part we play in our own health. Despite sharing a similar physiology, we are all highly complex individuals and it’s never a one size fits all. Knowledge is empowering, so I invite you to accompany me on the journey to take back control of our healthcare and learn more about what may help us to live healthy for longer.

Our goal is your wellbeing so please note that the information and opinions presented in the episodes does not constitute medical advice, and is for educational and entertainment purposes only. A registered healthcare provider should always be consulted before making any changes to existing treatment or medication plan.

Wishing you, as always, health, happiness and serenity.

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