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Medicinal Mushrooms with Martin Powell


The term ‘Medicinal Mushrooms’ likely conjures images of psychedelic experiences. However, almost all mushrooms can have profound effects on our physical bodies and states of wellbeing.

Biochemist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Martin Powell, is a leading authority on the medicinal properties of mushrooms. In his eyes, all mushrooms are magic and have to the potential to heal. This week he shares how almost all mushrooms can act as immune system modulators. Indeed, many mushrooms contain compounds that can nurture the gut and the microbiome. Some can even regulate cholesterol.

Martin helps lift the confusion by describing the most common species seen in health food stores. But as Martin emphasises, health should not come in a bottle. His take home advice is eat more mushrooms, but cook them first!

For more information visit For further reading for lay persons, Medicinal Mushrooms – The Essential Guide and for practitioners and clinicians, Medicinal Mushrooms – The Clinical Guide.

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