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Gender Identity with Michelle Bridgman


An increasing number of people are experiencing a gender identity that does not wholly correlate with the gender they were assigned at birth. This has led to the field of Gender Identity in psychotherapy and new ways to support people suffering from gender dysphoria or being very unhappy with their assigned gender. This is a complicated subject that is eloquently addressed by this week’s guest, Michelle Bridgman. Shelley is a psychotherapist, a professional speaker and author. She is in the process of completing her doctorate in psychotherapy and is a regular communicator on gender identity issues in the media. In this episode we discuss the ‘gender spectrum’ the problems that arise for some people and the role of therapy in the various areas of need that people experience in dealing with this issue. In this candid and inspirational conversation, Shelley describes how ‘gender is just a space suit we walk around in’ and that learning to know and be who we really are is at the root of all happiness. Shelley aims to encourage well trained and talented therapists to help guide people to a place where there understand their beliefs and discover who they want to be and which expression of gender identity is right for them. Shelley hopes that people will become empowered to be who they really are and thus act as agents for change in creating a more tolerant world accepting of diversity.

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