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‘I First Received My Cancer Diagnosis Literally On My Deathbed’ with Katrina Roads

Katrina Roads joins me this week to share her story of coming back from stage 4 colon cancer. From the first diagnosis following 6 hours of emergency surgery, through a lengthy recovery, Kat describes her journey of surrender, trusting her inner wisdom, learning to let love in and loving herself back into life. Kat’s story is moving, truly inspirational and empowering. It’s a story of taking back control of her healthcare and her life, and finding the courage to make decisions that she felt were right for her. We talk about the contraversial Gerson therapy, why that was the right choice for her, and how she came to understand that to live, she had to live life differently.

If you’d like to find out more about Katrina, go over to her website – or on Facebook – @katsrapidlytransform

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