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Mindset, Nutrition and Fitness for an Awesome Life with Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber

Do you need to drop a few pounds? Do you know that you could feel better and do better in life, but just can’t get there? Most of us live below our potential, whether that’s in terms of health, vitality or success. Ben Coomber hosts the number one health and fitness podcast. He describes himself as an everyday athlete living an awesome life.

This week Ben joins me to discuss his path to wellness after losing weight, getting fit and resolving health issues. Now a qualified nutritionist and coach, Ben helps people get on a path to health and vitality that results in lasting change.

He talks about the enormous role that mindset plays in identifying your goals, identifying the obstacles, and finding the optimal path for you to reach those goals. We talk about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits that benefit everyone and how you can tailor them to address individual needs. From the athlete to the busy mum, change is always possible to allow you to have the health, energy and vitality to live the life you want.

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