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CBD – Hype or Help? with Jade Proudman


CBD is the buzz word of the moment. But does it really help support health and wellbeing or is it commercial hype? Since the discovery of the body’s own endocannabinoid system in the late 90’s, we now understand the mechanism of action for plant cannabinoids. This lends credence to the beneficial effects reported for CBD being a real thing.

This week, Jade Proudman joins me to share her journey back to a state of health thanks to CBD. Following her positive experience, Jade and her husband launched a company in 2016 to bring safe, legal and effective CBD to a wider audience.

She explains what CBD is and how it is thought to work. We clear up any confusion around CBD as opposed to medical cannabis. She also clarifies the difference between CBD isolates and whole plant extracts. Jade is very active in the CBD world, working together with organisations to establish guidelines that ensure CBD products are safe, effective and ethical.

Her ethos is to provide a wrap around service helping consumers access the right information for their specific needs and providing high quality products. Jade emphasises that CBD is not a cure, and neither is it a medicinal product. Rather, it is an effective and safe supplement to support health and wellbeing.

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