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Yang Sheng, the Art of Chinese Self-Healing with Katie Brindle

Katie Brindle

If you think that herbs and acupuncture are all that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has to offer, you are very mistaken. The essence of TCM is indeed to ‘nourish life’ or Yang Sheng. Yang Sheng is the self-care part of TCM and is a self-healing system. The system comprises simple but powerful habits and lifestyle techniques that you can perform yourself. Today’s guest, Katie Brindle, calls this gaining ‘Mastery over your Health’.

Katie is a fully qualified TCM practitioner. She is passionate about bringing the powerful, yet little known, self-healing properties of Yang Sheng to a western audience. She developed a methodology known as the Hayo’u method, which distils this philosophy into easy and enjoyable steps.

Her method starts with simple, quick techniques to rescue and restore a stressed body and nervous system back to balance. Part of her method uses a ritual known as Gua Sha. This ‘press-stroking’ with a jade tool not only restores inner wellbeing, but also leads to radiant, youthful looking skin. Little wonder this has taken the beauty industry by storm!

Katie leads us through the layers of TCM to address healing of the mind, body and soul. Viewing herself as a gate keeper to deeper levels of healing, Katie openly shares her knowledge and supports her clients on their way to health, wellness and vitality.

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