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The Healing Connection to Earth with Dr Laura Koniver MD


Every cell in your body is electric. Direct contact with the earth neutralises the body to the Earth’s potential and grounds us. This process is instantaneous and scientifically proven to benefit our health. And yet, human beings can go through decades without ever connecting to the earth.

Laura Koniver MD is a staunch advocate of grounding. This week she joins me to share her valuable knowledge on the many health benefits of grounding. She talks about the medical community’s readiness to diagnose using the electrical systems of the body, but refusal to consider it a treatment modality.

Laura also discusses the importance of shielding as well as grounding. We discuss the impact of grounding on physiology and psychology in the modern urban world. Laura also provides easy tips to ground, even in a concrete jungle. She also shares the best way to help our children get grounded.

As Laura points out, we spend our lives trying the get the earth into our bodies through eating, breathing and meditating. But, the easiest way to achieve that is simply by touching the earth.

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