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News, Soda Ban, Vitamin D and PTSD


And now for something completely different…. This week is a short and snappy episode that starts with a cool new feature at London Heal. The audio content of the most recent episodes is now searchable with keywords!

In addition, a quick review on some interesting new scientific findings. First up we take a look at a new study of the health benefits of banning sugary soda drinks at the UCSF medical campus.

A recent meta analysis just published looks at the effects of substituting with Vitamin D on lipids in the blood. These lipids include the dreaded cholesterol and triglycerides.

Last up, an article discussing the possible reasons why women seem to develop symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) twice as much as men.

Further reading: Original JAMA paper on effects of Soda Ban on Health. Original article in Nutrition Reviews on the effects of Vitamin D on blood lipids. Washington Post article on PTSD incidence is twice as high in women than men.

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