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Childhood Biography to Adult Biology – Trauma with Niki Gratrix

Niki Gratrix

Adverse Childhood Experiences can increase your risk for disease as an adult. Just as important as what did happen, is what didn’t happen. Emotional neglect and challenges to feelings of safety can result in attachment trauma. When left unresolved, this can initiate a cascade of events resulting in many of today’s chronic diseases.

Niki Gratrix is an expert and tireless campaigner in the field of trauma related illness. Niki is also a functional medicine practitioner and takes a truly holistic approach. This week, she shares her extraordinary wealth of knowledge in understanding the role of unresolved trauma in health and disease. Her commitment to communicating evidence-based research to support this idea is bearing fruit. It is now becoming increasingly accepted by the functional medicine and medical community.

We also discuss the effects of intergenerational trauma, and collective trauma. Niki addresses the role of genes and personality types in response to trauma and stress.

The good news is that trauma can be healed and doing so heals future generations. Niki outlines her multi level approach to healing disease through healing trauma. A fascinating conversation packed with information on how to stop childhood biography becoming adult biology.

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