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The Wellness Puzzle with Andrew Jobling


Do you feel health is just too complicated? Are bad habits getting in your way? Helping people live into joyful longevity is the mission of Andrew Jobling.

Andrew joins me this week to discuss the Wellness Puzzle, the culmination of 30 years experience in the health and wellness industry. He shares his epiphany that learning to regulate your emotional states is the key to optimal health.

Andrew motivates people to action by realising that health is not a matter of choice. It is the foundation upon which all areas of your life depend. He believes that living ‘on purpose’ is the guiding light to shift your perception of how to view life.

We also discuss equipping young people with the tools be happy, healthy and resilient. Andrew addresses the increase in chronic disease and mental health disorders.

The Wellness Puzzle comprises 7 pieces. From mindset to nutrition and exercise, Andrew shares his knowledge on what it takes to achieve joyful longevity.

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