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The Connection Between Sleep Disorders and Jaw Disorders and Pain with Dr Karina Patel


Are you or a loved one suffering from headaches and facial pain symptoms, that are now chronic? Do you or your partner have obstructive sleep apnoea or snore? Does child or grandchild have night terrors or ADHD symptoms? Perhaps it’s all due to something you never thought was related your jaw/dental health and sleep disorders! The overlap and the interface between sleep disorders, TMJ disorders and Craniofacial Pain is now well established. Dr Karina Patel is the only American Trained and Accredited Dental Sleep Medicine Specialist and Craniofacial Pain Specialist in the United Kingdom. She follows a holistic approach and tailors each treatment to the individual patient. Karina not only explains symptoms and treatments, but also gives useful tips for self help and even how to help with jet lag! In this episode she explains how these conditions interact, the variety of symptoms they generate, and the possible causes and treatments. She describes her holistic approach and treating patients as individuals. We discuss, migraines, and tiredness. Karina’s open and educational explanations show us a new understanding in this novel area of medicine. After all, a good night’s sleep is essential to good health, and your dental health may be the key.

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