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Reverse Your Diabetes with Dr David Cavan


Dr David Cavan was one of the first to understand that diabetes could be seen as a disease of carbrohydrate intolerance, and therefore could be efficiently managed and even reversed by making certain lifestyle changes, primarily observing a low carbohydrate diet. He explains the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. He gives Type 2 sufferers hope for managing their disease that includes the possibility of reducing or eliminating their medication. Dr David Cavan displays a compassionate approach to treating diabetes patients and describes how he focuses on designing therapeutic approaches that are the best fit for each particular patient. An educational, inspiring and positive conversation that should give all sufferers of this disease hope for the future rather than seeing the diagnosis as an unalterable fate. Dr Cavan has written several books including ‘Reverse your Diabetes’ and the accompanying recipe book for delicious, diabetes-friendly meals.

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