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Becoming the Walking Universe with Igor Kufayev

Igor Kufayev

Do you feel disconnected, separated and incomplete? The only way to end this agony is to ‘Know Thyself’. In this second of two interviews, Advaita Tantra teacher, Igor Kufayev shares his insights into recognising this as a desire to embark on a spiritual journey. He talks about what drives us to search and to trust that we are always guided. We then discuss the rise of the divine feminine and how this manifests in society, its risks and what it really means for the individual. Igor shares his thoughts on the modern desire to reach enlightenment and whether consciousness hacking is useful or even possible. He eloquently describes spiritual evolution to understanding that life is a joyous journey as one becomes the walking universe.

For more information please go to his Website: Documentary Film: Entering the Heart – The Work of Igor Kufayev Interview with Igor Kufayev: Piercing the Veil and much more on the YouTube channel:Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship

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