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The Spiritual Nature of Healing with Igor Kufayev

Igor Kufayev

Western medicine views disease and illness as a dysfunction of the the component parts and systems that make up our physiology. Eastern traditions take a different view and include the expression of creative intelligence or consciousness in the manifestation of disease. Igor Kufayev is a teacher of Advaita Trantra and, in this first of two conversations, he takes us on an in-depth journey to try and understand the roles of different levels in health and disease. These levels comprise the gross or physical level, the subtle or neuronal flow and the causal or karmic level. He elegantly describes the role of the causal, karmic level in creating disease. He shares his wisdom on karma, and how there are also different currents of karma that act on us in ways we can and cannot control. He discusses the importance of self responsibility and living consciously and and how we can direct certain karmic currents in this way. He discusses the importance of understanding the source and treatment of disease. In a rather controversial stance, he challenges the desire to always intervene or seek miracle cures as a potential bypass and missed opportunity to bring about transformation. In this fascinating and deep look at the spiritual nature of health, we can truly appreciate that good health is not simply a matter of caring for the body and mind, but rather a matter of the expression of consciousness.

For more information please go to his Website: Documentary Film: Entering the Heart – The Work of Igor Kufayev Interview with Igor Kufayev: Piercing the Veil and much more on the YouTube channel:Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship

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