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Bounce Forward! Resilience with Professor David Peters


Modern life is more challenging than ever before. The ability to not only bounce back from adversity, but actually bounce forward and adapt is known as resilience and is a powerful quality of being human. Sadly, the rise in mental disease and chronic diseases seems to indicate a lack of resilience in many people. Professor David Peters is the Medical Director of the Centre for Resilience at the University of Westminster in London. In this episode he defines resilience in terms of our ability to regulate our emotions, the evolutionary biology and physiology behind it, and explains how the extent of our resilience in response to stress varies widely among people and why. He discusses the enormous role of the autonomic nervous system in our health and how mind and body are inextricably linked through the vagal system. He shares his insights into the implications of resilience for effective complementary therapies and the practitioners themselves. He also provides useful advice on how to train and improve resilience to help us survive our busy, daily lives and become physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and successful.

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