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Telomeres and stress Elissa Epel

Telomeres Tell Tales with Elissa Epel PhD

Are you living a telomere-friendly lifestyle? Telomere length is a measure of longevity and predisposition for degenerative disease. The good news is that we can help protect our telomeres by the way we choose to live our lives. In this

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Off the Cuff with Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD

Celebrating 50 episodes, a meditation to get you through stressful and uncertain times. Also prompted by the European Elections, this spontaneous and unplugged episode looks at the emotions of frustration, uncertainty, anger and disappointment. I share my thoughts on how

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Your Heart is Smart with Rollin McCraty PhD

Your heart sends more signals to the brain than the other way round! In this fascinating interview, Rollin McCraty, Scientific Director of the HeartMath Institute, explains how the heart can actually regulate brain activity and the implications of that for

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