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Yoga – An Ancient Practice for the Modern Age with Zoe Bertali


Are you interested in starting yoga and don’t know where to start? Zoe Bertali of the The Refinery in London talks us through the best way to start a regular yoga practice. Having practiced yoga herself for 18 years, she describes a brief history of yoga and explains the differences between the main styles of yoga and how each attracts a different student. We talk about the deeper spiritual aspects of yoga and the many ways in can positively affect your mind, body and overall health. Zoe talks about her experience with yoga and it’s ability to combat stress, improve mobility, build resilience and release emotional blocks. Zoe founded The Refinery together with her husband as they wanted to found a community where anybody can feel safe and comfortable, attend a variety of classes and make the most of alternative therapies and wellness treatments.

If you want to know more visit the website at or on Facebook @therefinerye9

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