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Raising Awareness of Lyme Disease with Dr Carsten Nicolaus


With rigorous science, but also an integrative and compassionate approach, Dr Carsten Nicolaus leads us through why we should be paying attention to Lyme Disease. Dr Nicolaus is an MD, PhD and director of the BCA clinic in Bavaria, Germany, which specialises in tick-borne diseases. From prevention through diagnosis to treatment in all it’s complex variations, Dr Nicolaus feeds nearly thirty years of experience into providing a step by step understanding of the disease and his clinic’s approaches to supporting patients with various modalities in all stages of the disease process. He inspires hope and his passionate pursuit of conquering this disease is a beacon for the future. This is a stop, back, replay kind of episode packed with useful information. Make the most of your summer outside with a few mindful tips that will allow you to enjoy it carefree and safely.

For more information from the BCA clinic, please visit their English website For more information see the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)

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