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Neuroplasticity – The Brain’s Big Trick with Dr Michael Merzenich


Did you know your brain was capable of lifelong change? Are you aware that YOU are the controler of that change? My guest this week explains all. Dr Michael Merzenich is a world-renowned neuroscientist. Often called the ‘father of brain plasticity’, he is one of the scientists responsible for our current understanding of brain change across lifespan. In this episode Dr Merzenich explains brain plasticity and the changes that accompany growth and development. He discusses how specifically engaging the brain encourages plasticity to improve brain repair and brain aging. He describes how training the brain can be accomplished in daily life or supplemented with specifically-designed, computer-based training. The ability of brain training to avert or improve potential neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, is a major topic. Dr Merzenich provides some very persuasive experimental data to back it up. We discuss the importance of the signal to noise ratio in brain aging, and how to improve it. We talk about the role of neuroplasticity in changing thought, the role emotions play in triggering plasticity and a few rules for living a brain healthy life. In this uplifting, educational and entertaining episode, Dr Merzenich imparts the message ‘You have the capacity to be better or stronger, never mind what you’ve had to put up with’.

For loads more information go to the Brain HQ website Read Dr Merzenich’s book, supported by the website Soft-Wired.comSee his TED talk here on YouTube

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