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Back Pain is Normal with Dr Oliver Thomson


Back pain costs the US economy $88 billion per year in lost work hours and constitutes 30% of GP visits in the UK. Yet Dr Thomson argues that the years of accumulated data show than most back pain is not the result of biomechanical damage, rather a normal state of being and it often resolves itself. As a Doctor of Osteopathy and an active researcher, Dr Thomson strives to treat his patients according to evidence based studies and focuses much more on a holistic approach that reassures the patient and gets them moving and back into active life as quickly as possible. Dr Thomson dispels so many myths about back pain and does so on the back of hard data. He also teachers other therapists and healthcare professionals about the most current knowledge and on implementing methods shown to be effective. He discusses a back healthy lifestyle and also provides for therapists in how to talk effectively to clients with back pain.

For more information see Dr Thomson’s clinic website Body Matters Clinic For course info see Dr Thomson’s personal website Dr Oliver Thomson

Apologies – We experienced a few technical issues on this episode and hope that it doesn’t detract too much from your listening pleasure.

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