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Unlikely Bedfellows – Sleep, Vitamin D and the Microbiome with Dr Stasha Gominak

Stasha Gominak

Good sleep is essential for rest and repair. Dr Stasha Gominak is a neurologist who through trying to help her headache patients, embarked on a long journey to discover how Vitamin D regulates sleep cycles and leads to true healing. Dr Gominak is convinced that many of today’s lifestyle diseases (other than cancer) are actually rooted in sleep disorders. In this first of a two-part episode, Dr Gominak recounts the amazing story of how she discovered that Vitamin D is involved in sleep cycle regulation, and that once ‘proper’ sleep is restored and the optimal repair mode is active, the B vitamins, particularly B5, come into the story. She also discusses the role of the microbiome in Vitamin D-regulated sleep, and how B vitamins are an essential precursor to a healthy gut as well as the product of a well-functioning microbiome. Although very complex in its details, Dr Gominak’s theory is beautifully logical and elegant. She inspires with stories of how her patients’ feedback was instrumental in discovering this story and how she has since observed recovery from all manner of diseases. The essence of this fascinating episode is the body has the ability to heal and repair itself if only it’s allowed true restorative sleep.

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