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Sleep, Rest and Repair – Theory and Practice with Dr Stasha Gominak

Stasha Gominak

In this second of a two part episode, Dr Stasha Gominak discusses the difficulties associated with applying this regimen of D and B supplementation to cure sleep and enable rest and repair. She explains the differences in units, the importance of individual dosing and the necessity for establishing base-level, blood vitamin D levels. She discusses an ideal regimen for children and clears up myths surrounding the fat storage of Vitamin D. Dr Gominak emphasises that this is not a quick fix, and that establishing ideal levels of vitamin D for optimal rest and repair may take up to two or three years. However, once a patient is used to monitoring their own body and symptoms, they learn to make fine tuning adjustments to ensure good sleep. We review the problems with the literature, how studies are performed and mis-evaluated and discuss the problems with the wrong information in the mainstream. As a conclusion, anybody interested in their health might want to consider checking their vitamin D levels before any symptoms arise as prevention is always better than cure. The body has the ability to heal if it has the right building blocks, sufficient exercise and most of all, restorative sleep. Luckily, Dr Gominak’s work suggests that is possible for most of us.

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