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Everybody is an Athlete with Scott Livingston


Is your body responding well to the physical demands you place on it? Many physical injuries are caused by not being correctly prepared. My guest this week is Scott Livingston, certified athletic therapist and strength and conditioning coach to professional and olympic athletes. Scott joins us to talk about Reconditioning, a holistic approach to sport injuries that views the athlete as a whole. In addition, it also facilities the seamless integration of various treatment modalities by sharing a common language. Scott believes that everyone is an athlete. Top athlete or hobby gardener, Scott shares his insight into how to meet your personal physical demands whilst minimising injury and maximising success. He also provides useful tips on how to maintain the health benefits of movement with ease and how we should raise children to be physically literate.

For more information find Scott on Instagram @kingopain, twitter @builtbyscott or on FB under Scott G Livingston

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