An alternative guide to living healthy longer

Elder not Older with Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD


Why do we no longer respect and value our elders? Today’s youth obsessed culture has forced us to pursue youthfulness at all costs and deny ageing. In this week’s solo episode, I challenge this paradigm and explore our perceptions that ageing is a slow path to disease, decrepitude and dementia. I explore how ageing has it’s positive aspects and that elders have a valuable role to play in society. The onus is on us to learn how our minds and bodies can be cared for to maximise our chances of living healthy for longer. By remaining healthy, active and fully engaged in life, we can shift the profile of ageing and change the perspectives of the older adult into that of an elder. Only by educating ourselves can we take back control of our healthcare and learn to age gracefully, but vibrantly.

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