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Live a Life you Love with Karen Salmansohn

Karen Salmansohn

Are you so busy loving your life that you don’t have time for fear, regret and hate? Best selling author and health and wellness expert, Karen Salmansohn joins me this week as we discuss all things living longer and better. Karen shares her philosophy on mastering modern life and the importance of learning to move through pain. Karen realised her dream of becoming a mother at the age of fifty. As a late in life mum, Karen’s run in with health problems spurned her commitment to living and ageing well. She shares her insights on living a healthy lifestyle and emphasises the importance of fun, good relationships and managing stress and negative self talk. Having trained as a yoga and meditation instructor, she shares tips on two minute sensory meditations from her newest book, Instant Calm, for those too busy to meditate. Karen also describes her tribe – the Wellderly – and how to keep yourself vibrant and healthy without “groaning older”. An inspiring and uplifting discussion peppered with great tips and tricks for living a life you love into ripe old age.

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