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People’s Beliefs Manifest in Their Movements – A 360 Approach to Fitness and Health with Aidan Lee


What do martial arts, philosophy and health awareness have to do with each other? This week Aidan Lee (Fitroots) shares his insight into how the way to move should reflect our evolutionary design and how our mental state is intricately linked to our physical movement. An experienced, competative kickboxer, he now runs his own martial arts school and offers personal and corporate training programmes. He uses the best of the east mixed with the best of the west to develop student programmes that address the holistic aspect of each individual by going back to the roots of martial arts as mind, body, spiritual practice. He talks about how physical fitness is only part of health and how his degree in philosophy flows into teaching his students. FitRoots combines the best of Martial Arts (particularly Kickboxing), Philosophy, Biomechanics, Postural Correction, Breathing, Functional Strength Training, Nutrition, Psychology, Flexibility, and Mobility to achieve optimal performance and health. Aidan’s unique, 360 approach is both inspiring and educational.

To learn more about Aidan and his programmes: check out the website or the Fitroots Facebook page. Tune in to the Fitroots podcast on iTunes. The book mentioned in the podcast is ‘Born to run’ by Christopher McDougall

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