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Functional Medicine is Root Cause Medicine with Oliver Barnett


Oliver Barnett, founder of the London Clinic of Nutrition, joins me today to talk about the unique approach of his clinic in treating chronic diseases. He discusses the effects of changes in lifestyle and the benefits of functional medicine. Oliver doesn’t hold hard and fast rules on diet, but rather what suits a particular patient. He does discuss some food hot spots such as processed carbohydrates and sugar, dairy products and gluten. Oliver passes on some great tips for keeping your microbiome happy and which supplements most people should take. The topic of toxins doesn’t go unnoticed as Oliver talks about increasing resilience as well as avoidance. He describes the typical process a new patient undergoes at the clinic and the support and follow up that goes with it. He and his team really go out of their way to care for the individual patient.

If you would like to know more, visit the Clinic website under or on Facebook @thelondonclinicofnutrition

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