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Vedic Meditation with Jillian Lavender


Stress, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia are just some of the ailments of modern life that can be addressed with meditation. Vedic meditation is the world’s most ancient form of this practice, and Jillian Lavender co-director of the London (and New York) Meditation Centre joins me today to share her wisdom and expertise. A meditation teacher since 2003, Jillian explains the specific aspects of Vedic meditation and how it differs from other forms. She describes how to start a meditation practice and the many benefits that it brings. We talk about the science as well as the spiritual aspects and discuss why meditation has become so popular in recent times. Meditation is a central component to any modern health, lifestyle and personal development regime, and Jillian’s insights throw light on how Vedic meditation may be the right way for you.

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