An alternative guide to living healthy longer

Towards Living Healthy for Longer with Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD


Today marks 30 episodes and six months of London Heal. An appropriate landmark to review what we’ve learned so far. Talking to a variety of guests be they scientists, physicians, therapists or activists, the central theme emerges. Optimal health and wellbeing comes from the active pursuit of a healthy mind, body and spirit. A look back at what we’ve learned in terms of getting our minds on board, a review of the main features of looking after our bodies, be it exercise, nutrition or sleep. A dip into some of the knowledge from our expert guests gives insights into the best way to look after our physical forms. The topic of spirituality also comes into the discussions as a practice to generate peace and stillness, and moreover to combat stress. A brief resume of the last six months on the journey towards living healthy for longer.

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